RiDrive Mobile

  • Max. length of cable: 120 m
  • DN 90 - DN 600


The RiDrive Mobile combines in its compactness the advantages of the RiCubio® series with an efficient crawler system - for professional inspections, especially if the inspection vehicle cannot be driven to the inspection area.

  • Compact carriage system
  • For up to 120 m camera cable
  • High-precision meter counter serial
  • Automatic cable guide
  • All-round protection and high stability by circular cage
  • Simple handling
  • Monitor turn able in all directions
  • High grade wheel disc brake
  • Service-pleasant
  • Bag for small parts

Accessory (optional):

  • High Performance Tablet for pipe inspection software
  • TFT-monitor 5,6"
  • TFT-monitor 5.6" with video and picture memory on SD memory card
  • TFT-monitor 8" with video and picture memory on SD memory card
  • Locating transmitter
  • Accumulator (optional), up to 2,5 hrs. effective power in continuous operation, in light lithium technique - Made in Germany
  • Transport trolley
  • Determination of diameter without PC (via pan & tilt camera RI 78 FW)
  • Rear view camera (switchable)
  • Additional weights
  • Different wheel sets suitable for diverse pipe material
RiDrive Mobile
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