Carriage systems

Large pipe diameter equals large inspection equipment? That doesn't have to be! Our trolley systems are characterised by their mobility and compact design. We offer a selection of portable trolley systems as well as compact systems that can be installed in inspection vehicles, for example. All in all, our systems cover an application range from DN 90 - 1200.


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Application area carriage system

icon-pipe-white Application area
carriage systems

For all larger pipe diameters and main sewers, a carriage system with camera is the perfect inspection tool. It can be adapted to the various requirements in the pipe thanks to a wide range of accessories. Data and videos are recorded and can be evaluated in detail.

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RiCubio® M - a versatile camera system

Professional and flexible inspection as well as high reach in the push range, that's what the RiCubio® M offers - for mobile and efficient work.

Product advan­tages:
  • Operating range DN 70 - 300 (ID 2.8" - 12")
  • Up to 60 m push cable
  • Allround protection and high stability by circular cage
Product details

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Frequently asked questions about the crawler systems

Can I drive the crawler under water?

Yes, our crawler systems are waterproof to 1 bar pressure.



Can a carriage system tip over in the sewer pipe?

Thanks to the built-in inclination sensor for automatic position alignment, the carriage system is prevented from tipping over.

Can I borrow a carriage system and try it out for myself?

We will be happy to demonstrate our carriage systems and show you the handling and functions. Afterwards, you can borrow a carriage system.


How much does a carriage system cost?

This varies greatly depending on the model of the carriage systems and the accessories selected. We will be happy to advise you on 08374-240600 and provide you with a free quote. We will also be happy to provide you with a cost-effective leasing offer.

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