Satellite system

Especially practical and quick to use in a simple way.


Easy inspection of branched connection ducts and property drainage systems from the main channel. Particularly practical and quick to install as an inbuilt module in an inspection vehicle or in a combi vehicle equipped with high-pressure flushing technology.

RiSat Fluid

Satellite system RiSat Fluid

Satellite system:

  • Operating range DN 200 - DN 800 (ID 8" - ID 32")
  • One camera for monitoring the return drive
  • Various pipe extensions can be mounted on the quiver using the quick-change system
  • Safety bracket with quick-release fastener for securing the satellite camera
  • Rapid installation with only two screw bolts on carriage FW 150 L freely hanging
  • Robust joint between crawler and positioning unit
  • Rotation function with slip clutch and angle indicator
  • Lifting function of the quiver also with slip clutch and angle indicator
  • Two cameras on the satellite system for controlling and correct positioning of the quiver and one camera for monitoring the return drive
  • Each camera with its own adjustable lighting unit
  • Lowering device with protective bar for the front camera for safe insertion into the main sewer


RiSat Fluid camera


camera with retaining clip

camera with retaining clip

connection joint

connection joint

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