Our new MicroCombi has arrived!


A strong team: Ritec and the MicroCombi from Kaiser

The Kaiser´s MicroCombi! The new compact 3.5 tonne vacuum and flusher vehicle is ideal for rapid deployment in underground car parks and other hard-to-reach areas.
Vehicle type: Toyota Hilux S´Cab with 150 PS and switchable all-wheel drive.

The vehicle is equipped with a suction and pressure slide pump with a max. air flow rate of 345 m³/h.
The high pressure pump is available in three different versions:

- Version I: flow rate max. 90 l/min, working pressure 150 bar
- Version II: flow rate max. 70 l/min, working pressure 200 bar
- Version III: flow rate max. 42 l/min, working pressure 320 bar

The tank is divided into a 400 l water tank and an 830 l mud chamber. The tanks can also be swapped so that the mud chamber is used as fresh water tank.

The additional high-pressure reel with hose guide and hydraulic drive and the hose reel with hydraulic drive round off the overall package.

Further equipment includes, for example, a switchable differential lock on the rear axle, air conditioning, trailer coupling, digital radio and much more.

If you have any questions about the vehicle or equipment elements, please contact us on +49 (0)8374 240600 or send an email to info@ritec‑tv.de.


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