Vacuum- and flusher vehicle Hydrocity | 3.5 t

The mini combi Hydrocity is also built specifically for your requirements - so you are optimally equipped.

The Hydrocity vacuum- and flusher vehicle is your helpful companion for the industrial sector and ideal for quick operations in underground garages and other confined spaces.


Short description

Small vehicle with TV-Technic and high-pressure flusher
here the example of the Ford Ranger with all-wheel drive:

  • 3.5 t with a payload of ≤700 kg
  • High pressure pump 150 to 320 bar, delivery volume 43 to 90 l/min
  • Vacuum pump 216 or 325 m³/h
  • 1200 l Tank with 2 chambers: water 400 l, mud 800 l
  • Up to 4 lockable storage boxes, e.g. for RiMaxio®, RiCubio® S, RiCubio® Fluid and various tools
  • Air suspension on rear axle


Compact dimensions:

  • With a height of 1.85 m ideal for use in underground garages
  • Wheelbase 3.22 m
  • Permissible total weight 3.5 t


More data


Aluminium tank with fixed dividing wall

  • 800 l Mud chamber volume
  • 400 l Fresh water tank

Vacuum unit

  • Vacuum and pressure gate pump, delivery capacity 216 or 325 m³/h
  • Pressure manometer
  • Separator with shut-off valve and dirt filter
  • Safety relief valve
  • Oil separator and silencer

High water pressure through 3-piston pump

  • Delivery volume 43 to 90 l/min
  • Working pressure 150 to 320 bar
  • High pressure safety system
  • Fully automatic emptying of the entire water circuit (frost-proof)


  • 1 High pressure reel with maximum hose capacity of 100 m
  • Hydraulic drive with infinitely adjustable speed from 0 to 20 rpm controlled by a 3-fold control block: unroll, roll up, free wheel
  • Manual filling reel including 25 m DN-19-hose

Vehicle operation

  • Control panel at the vehicle rear in waterproof housing
  • Radio remote control


  • Ladder with holder
  • LED work area floodlights
  • Rotating beacon
  • Rear view camera with colour monitor and much more


Hydrocity Vacuum- and flusher vehicle


Low total height of 1.80 m


Lockable storage boxes for inspection cameras and tools

Performance description

This vacuum and flusher vehicle - here using the example of the Ford Ranger with all-wheel drive - equipped with TV inspection technology and high-pressure water, is a helpful companion for the industrial sector and, due to its special dimensions, also ideally suited for use in underground garages.

The low height of 1.85 m and the wheelbase of 3.22 m are ideally suited to cope well in confined spaces. Permissible total weight 3.5 t.

There is capacity for 400 l of fresh water in the integrated aluminium tank. The vacuum system with vacuum and pressure slide valve pump conveys the mud water into the 800 l mud chamber tank.

Other equipment includes the hydraulic system, high-pressure reel with up to 100 m high-pressure hose and manual filling reel including 25 m DN-19 hose, as well as ample storage space for various tools and inspection systems such as for the RiMaxio®, RiCubio® and other tools.

Our Hydrocity offers, for example, a high-pressure reel swivelling up to 90º, vehicle painting in desired RAL colour, warning triangle AK 5 with electric lifting mechanism, reversing camera and winter package.

This is just an example of a vehicle fitting. Of course, we would be happy to put together your very own small vehicle according to your wishes and requirements.


Interface to Ritec and ideal companion for the Hydrocity

  • Practical suspension and quick attachment of Ritec camera systems below the Hydrocity swivel reel



  • High-pressure flushing camera DN 50 - 150 (ID 2" - 8")
  • Cleaning and inspection in once
  • Cable length 60 m
  • Bendable at DN 90 in 87° and at DN 50 in 45°

» more info about RiMaxio®


RiCubio® Fluid

  • High-pressure cleaning system DN 50 - 300
  • Cleaning and inspection at the same time
  • Cable length 120 m
  • Determination of diameter without PC

» More info about RiCubio® Fluid

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Product advantages:
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