TV-Combination vehicle | 12 t

With the combination vehicle specially equipped according to your wishes, you are ideally equipped...

Whether van or truck, as a pure inspection vehicle or combined with a high-pressure flusher - a Ritec vehicle-fit-out offers tailor-made solutions for all conditions at your place of operation.


Rear working area


Combination vehicle with TV-technology and high-pressure water

  • Lowered box body in sandwich construction
  • Pneumatically operated weather protection flap
  • Additional hinged doors
  • Rear view camera for the rear working area
  • Crane system designed as a chain hoist, 180 degree slewable with trolley crab and working light
  • Cable drum for pipe inspection
  • Cable drum for satellite inspection
  • Hose reel with ½ inch high pressure hose
  • Hose reel with ¾ inch high pressure hose
  • Lockable slider unit for carriage system
  • Filling hose for water tanks
  • Only one step for safe entrance
  • Waterproof flooring, anti-slip
  • Monitor for video picture
  • Connections for RiCubio®-system



Front view


Side view

Control room

High-quality finishing according to customer requirements

  • Camera operation via joysticks
  • Freely adjustable monitors for video image, PC and review system
  • Various cabinets for storing project documents
  • Separately switchable lighting in LED technology
  • Magnetic wall, e.g. for plan mounting
  • Cabinet for camera control, industrial computer and electrical technology
  • Bench with internal battery set
  • Air-conditioning, temperature-controlled
  • Parking heater, temperature-controlled


Back room

Work area made of water-protected materials

  • Shelves with stainless steel interior panelling
  • Two workbenches
  • Switchable lighting in LED technology
  • Two water tanks with 1500 ltr. capacity each
  • Stowage facilities for safety equipment
  • Lashing possibilities for various devices, safety equipment and tools
  • Cabinet for personal protective equipment
  • Wardrobe
  • Storage space for shaft access ladder and shaft cover
  • Parking heater, temperature-controlled



Performance description

This combination vehicle, equipped with TV inspection technology and high-pressure flusher, enables inspections in main sewers, connecting pipes and land drainage systems. All pipes and lines can be cleaned before the inspection.

This equipment enables you to record the inventory of all pipelines by means of pipe inspection software and, if necessary, to show pipeline routes. In addition to posture and pipe reports, digital films and images are generated and via the recording software they are merged.

Dimensions from DN 100 to DN 1200 can be inspected using two carriage systems. The push cameras and water jetting inspection cameras cover the nominal diameter range from DN 80 to DN 300 (ID 0.6" - ID 12"). The possibility of turning into property drainage systems is provided by the turn off able pan & tilt camera RiFlexio 2. All pan & tilt cameras - for manholes as well as for pipes - offer the possibility of determining the diameter, even after a turn in property drainage systems.

Furthermore, this inspection vehicle offers a safe and comfortable rear entrance. Bright working areas and a specially tuned air conditioning system enable a pleasant working environment. The vehicle is also equipped with two auxiliary heaters and is thus designed for winter operation.

This is just an example of a vehicle fitting. We gladly arrange your individual inspection vehicle according to your wishes and requirements.

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Product advantages:
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Product details

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