Push cameras

Regardless of where your inspection location or construction site is located, with our push cameras you can work quickly, mobile and reliably. Thanks to the Ritec quick-change system, the devices can be equipped with different camera heads and therefore adapt even better to your work requirements. Thanks to the battery solution, you can work quickly and mobile everywhere.

RiCubio® S

  • Max. length of cable: 50 m
  • DN 50 - DN 300

RiCubio® M

  • Max. length of cable: 60 m
  • DN 70 - DN 300

RI 25 VB RA analog

  • Max. length of cable: 50 m
  • DN 30 - DN 150

Push reel small, analog

  • Max. length of cable: 40 m
  • DN 50 - DN 300

Push reel middle, analog

  • Max. length of cable: 60 m
  • DN 50 - DN 300

RI 1320 SLC

  • Max. length of cable: 20 m
  • DN 15 - DN 40

RI 2020 SLC

  • Max. length of cable: 25 m
  • DN 25 - DN 80


  • Max. length of cable: 25 m
  • DN 30 - DN 150


  • Max. length of cable: 25 m
  • DN 30 - DN 150

RiCubio® Fluid

  • Max. length of cable: 120 m
  • DN 50 - DN 300

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Our push cameras in operation

icon-pipe-white Property drainage systems

Especially in the house connection area (property drainage systems), our push and jet cameras offer the necessary mobility in an application range from DN 15 up to DN 300 (ID 0.6" - 12") and thus enable professional inspection. With our satellite system, it is also possible to conveniently inspect branched connection sewers and property drainage systems from the main sewer.

icon-pipe-white Construction and industry

Our inspection systems are also used in a wide range of applications in the construction sector and industry.
Thanks to the Ritec quick-change system for the camera heads and the low weight, our mobile systems enable a wide range of cross-sector applications.


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RiMaxio® - our robust allrounder

Thorough cleaning and inspection. Very easy to steer at the touch of a button with the system's remote control. Insertion of the camera also possible in vertical strands from bottom to top.

Product advantages:
  • Operating range DN 50 - 200 (ID 2" - 8")
  • Bendable 87° in DN 90 (ID 3.6")  and 45° in DN 50 (ID 2")
  • Allround protection and high stability by circular cage
Product details

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Frequently asked questions from our customers about water jetting cameras

Which cable length is possible with push cameras?

Depending on the system, a cable length of between 20 m for our RI 1320 SLC and 60 m for the RiCubio® M, for example, is possible.

How much does a push camera system cost?

This varies greatly depending on the equipment or type of push camera system. Please call us or send us an e-mail. We will be happy to advise you and make you an offer without any obligation.

Which pipe diameter can I inspect with a push camera?

Depending on the camera used, the operating range is very different. With our smallest push camera RI 1320 SLC you can inspect from DN 15 (ID 0.6’’) upwards. With the RiCubio® M, in combination with the pan & rotate camera RI 78 SKS, it is possible to inspect up to a pipe diameter of DN 300 (ID 12’’).

Can I borrow and test a device?

We would be happy to demonstrate our products and explain all the details. Afterwards you have the opportunity to test the product free of charge and without any obligation. We will be happy to advise you on this. Simply make an appointment 08374-240600.

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