Documentation with pressure checking cases and through high-performance table.



Pressure checking case RI 720

Druckprüfkoffer RI 720


Air (over and under pressure) and water test for fixings, shaft inspection

  • WinCAN PIT pressure testing software
  • Standards: DIN EN 1610, ATV-M 143 part 6, SIA 190, DIN 1999-100, DIN 4040-100
  • or random input
  • PC with 120 GB hard disk
  • 12" PC panel with TFT monitor, usable in daylight
  • 4x USB output
  • External pressure sensor for air and water testing
  • Pressure sensor connection for air and water testing
  • Arrangement for pressure sensor installation during water testing
  • Integrated in sturdy plastic case (black)
  • Pressure regulation via sep. case available


  • Tripod for shaft inspections incl. holding rods 3x1 m
  • Immersion sensor for manhole inspection with water incl. fixing
  • GPS mouse
  • Wincan software extension for shaft inspection
  • Wincan software extension GPS data stored in report

High-performance TABLET

High-performance TABLET

Documentation unit:

  • Pipe detecting and recording software
  • Video and pictures digitising
  • Project management
  • Generation of report and coding of damage acc. to EN13508-T2
  • Printing of reports
  • Dispatch of reports by email
  • Hard-shell case for safe storage of TABLET
  • Fixing for mounting on Ritec reel system

Further options:

  • Power supply (external power supply)
  • Memory expansion 128 GB
  • External hard disk 1 TB

The PC unit can be easily installed on a Ritec reel system. A combination with other camera systems is possible via BNC input.

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